State of Consumer Protection Survey 2014/15

State of Consumer Protection Survey 2014/15
May 31, 2015
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June 30, 2015

State of Consumer Protection Survey 2014/15

Author Consumers International
Issue Consumer Protection and Law, digital

Consumer protection plays a crucial role in building a fairer, safer world. In this global survey CI set out to assess the state of consumer protection across the world.

Eighty CI Members from across all four CI regions gave their views from their respective countries.

Some key findings include:

Since 2012, Members felt the top three advances they had witnessed in consumer protection were from: new legislation, consumer representation and regulation and enforcement. Increasing consumers’ awareness of their rights was also an important factor.
Members felt that the three main factors that contribute to consumer detriment are: economic and development challenges, lack of regulation and enforcement; and poor quality products and services.


Survey is available for download on link above, in English, Spanish, French and Arabic.