It is the National Consumers Forum. A non-governmental organisation and also a consumer organisation.

When you feel that your rights as a consumer have been infringed.

To promote and protect the social and economic interests of the Seychellois consumers as purchasers or users of goods and services and to educate the public to become responsible consumers, and empower them to protect and exercise their rights.

NATCOF was officially launched on the 22nd April 1994.

A person who acquires or offers to acquire goods otherwise than for the purpose of resale.

Goods which are ordinarily intended for private use or consumption.

Yes. It was enacted in November 2010 – Consumer Protection Act 2010.

You may download a membership form from our website or collect a copy at the Secretariat and submit with a copy of your N.I.N. or Passport information.

You can fill in our complaint form and submit it via our website, or come to the Secretariat and lodge a complaint.