A group of concerned consumers joined together voluntarily to set up an organization that will defend the consumers. On the 22nd April 1994, 74 Founder Members were present to launch the National Consumers Forum. The Founder Members elected 7 members to be the 1st Executive Committee.

NATCOF first Constitution was approved and presented for registration.
The organisation was officially registered under the Registration Act Cap 201 Section 4 Number RA/17/94 and now A430579


NATCOF 1st office was opened in June 1994 at Oceangate House, 1st Floor in the apartment of Import and Price Control with minimum facilities, desk, chairs, telephone. There was 1 full time employee, the Secretary General Mrs Raymonde Course.

NATCOF move to a 2nd Office slightly bigger at Ocean Gate house in the Social Security apartment to  accommodate the second full time employee, a Secretary, Ms Jeanette Vidot  in 1999.

The 3rd office was at Premiere Building in 2000. Additional staff were appointed  totaled to 4; Executive Director,Complaint Handling Officer, Secretary and Cleaner Messenger

NATCOF 4th Office NATCOF move to a larger office space at Orion Mall in the Seychelles Licensing Authority Department.