Executive Committee

An Executive Committee comprising of seven members who are elected every three years at the General Assembly, manages the National Consumers Forum.

A Chairperson and six other members are elected from amongst the members eligible to vote.

The day to day running of the Forum is managed vby a Secretariat under the leadership of the Executive Director.

Executive Committee Members 1994 – 2014

Mrs Daniella Adeline
Mrs Raymonde Course
Ms Bernadette Humphrey
Mr Even Barbier
Ms May Vel
Mr Andreix Rosalie
Mrs Francoise Dupres
Mrs Marguerite-Marie
Mr Mason Seraphine
Dr Conrad Shamlaye
Mrs Ivy Edmond
Mr Mervin Course
Mr Leon Bonnelame
Mr Barnsley Allisop
Ms Sylvia Stravens
Ms Anne-Marie Athanase
Mrs Marie Cecile Chevillard
Mr Daniel Bresson
Mr Joseph Francois
Mr Maxime Pierre
Mr Serge Benstrong
Mr Nicolas Shamlaye
Mr Charles Celestine
Ms Nathalie Rose
Mr Louis Loizeau
Mrs Stella Doway
Mrs Georgette Henriette
Mrs Leontine Bijoux
Mr Gerry Sopha