About Us


The National Consumer Forum (NATCOF) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, and a member of the Citizens Engagement Platform Seychelles – CEPS. It is a full member of Consumer International (CI) and work closely with CI Regional Office for Africa (CI-ROAF).

NATCOF, the only consumer Organisation in Seychelles has recently celebrated 20 years in existence. NATCOF has grown to be one of Seychelles’ well known NGOs mainly through its active promotion of consumer rights. Officially launched on the 22nd April 1994 and with over 800 members, the organization’s main vision has continuously been to build up a strong consumer force that can advocate and assert themselves to avoid exploitation by traders, service providers and other forms. NATCOF realizes its responsibility not only towards its members but also to the general public and the social well being of the country.


To build up strong consumer force that can advocate and assert themselves to avoid exploitation by traders and others.


To promote and protect the social and economic interests of the Seychellois consumers as purchasers or users of goods and services and to educate the public to become responsible consumers, and empower them to protect and exercise their rights.


To realise its responsibility not only towards its members, but also towards every consumer and the social well being of the country.

To represent consumers regardless of their beliefs, sex, race or social background.


  1. To guarantee the efficient organisation of the consumers of the Republic of Seychelles.
  2. To protect and promote consumers social and economic interest.
  3. To sensitise consumers and traders in the matters of common and national interests.
  4. To provide advice and assistance to the members of the Forum jointly or severally on the matters relating to commodities and services, markets and articles offered for sale in general, to redress grievances and to work against exploitation of consumers.
  5. To secure the effectiveness of after sales service by the Traders and others.
  6. To identify and recommend to the members of the Forum and public, those traders who act in conformity with the laws.
  7. To secure representation on any Body or Council, the establishment of which has a bearing in the matters affecting the interests of the consumers.
  8. To assist members in obtaining necessary legal advice in any litigation relating to consumer protection matters or to enter any suit, for the purpose of safeguarding the interests of the members in general.
  9. To do such things as may be incidental or conducive or necessary for the better attainment of the objects of NATCOF including the making of rules for the proper functioning of NATCOF.
  10. To engage with the international community in the promotion of consumer rights and to share best international practices;
  11. To engage the government to take up its full responsibility in the protection and promotion of consumer rights and education;
  12. To engage traders on consumer issues.

Policy Statements

The primary responsibility for consumer protection rests with the consumer. However, NATCOF will endeavour to educate consumers on assuming responsibility for the protection of their rights, and in consequence, provide them with the knowledge, skills, and information required to exercise their rights as consumers in their everyday life situation.